1. Winterizing Your Water Garden or Fish Pond

    For all those who own ponds and live in a four season climate, we now have to talk about the practical way to prepare your pond for winter. In this post, we'll be talking about eight key components of winterizing your pond: the pump, skimmer, UV clarifier, filter, water, fish, plants, and netting.

  2. Recommended Routine Pond Maintenance Practices

    Practical Garden Ponds Recommended Annual Maintenance
    We offer these services for a fee, but we’re happy to give professional “how to” advice to DIY clients that shop with us.
  3. Dealing with Green Water, Mossy Algae & String Algae

    The most common pond care question is how to control algae in the Practical Garden Pond. Here we will identify algae in three categories: green water algae, mossy algae and string algae. All three must be addressed in order to keep your pond algae-free.
  4. The Importance of Pond Aeration for All Four Seasons

    At this time of the year, in the Northeast, most ponds are not visibly appealing.  Recently, I stopped by the home of John & Karen, proud owners of a pond built by Practical Garden Ponds in 2014.