Aqualife - Water Treatment
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AquaLife® Barley Extract - Algae ControlAquaLife® Barley Extract - Algae ControlAquaLife® Barley Extract supplies both beneficial compounds derived from barley straw and billions of natural pond bacteria to help keep pond water clear and clean all season long. AquaLife® Barley Extract is the only product on the market that also provides over 200 billion live beneficial pond bacteria in every gallon. Beneficial bacteria are helpful for recycling fish waste and producing necessary vitamins needed by plants and fish. AquaLife® Barley Extract is a true 2-in-1 formula, unlike anything else, and its dual action keeps pond water clear better than any other product.
AquaLife® Clarify for PondsAquaLife® Clarify for PondsAquaLife Clarify for Ponds - Quickly eliminates cloudy water!
AquaLife® Complete Water ConditionerAquaLife® Complete Water ConditionerAquaLife Complete has changed everything by being the first water conditioner to effectively relieve stress, remove chlorine and ammonia, and perform emergency ammonia or nitrite removal. AquaLife Complete is the most advanced all-in-one water conditioner and stress reliever on the market, concentrated to deliver twice the results of other conditioners while reducing the chance of illnesses associated with stress.
AquaLife® DeChlorit - 16ozAquaLife® DeChlorit - 16ozAquaLife® DeChlorit is designed to be an inexpensive, quality solution for removing chlorine in large volumes of water and is great for use anytime a highly concentrated chlorine remover is needed. AquaLife® DeChlorit is recommended for removing chlorine residue from bleached coral before returning it to the aquarium. DeChlorit removes chlorine instantly and breaks down chloramines. It does not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria, and is phosphate and nitrate free. DeChlorit promotes healthy ponds and is safe for all pond animals and plants.
AquaLife® LoveBirds Birdbath CleanerAquaLife® LoveBirds Birdbath CleanerAquaLife LoveBirds Birdbath Cleaner - Use LoveBirds all-natural birdbath, fountain, and small pond cleaner regularly for crystal clear, healthy water. 
AquaLife® Pond SaltAquaLife® Pond SaltAquaLife® Pond Salt can help maintain fish health, especially a healthy slime coat, and prevent or control disease outbreak. Pond fish, including both goldfish and koi, require salt to maintain the proper electrolyte balance in their body fluids. Because the surrounding water is less salty than the fish's blood, fish are in constant danger of losing vital electrolytes. Salt also assists in the production of the slime coat that protects the fish's skin from parasites and pathogens. Pond salt may also be used for disease control in pond fish, and is effective against several types of parasites when used as directed.
AquaLife® ProCONDITION ConcentrateAquaLife® ProCONDITION ConcentrateAquaLife® ProCONDITION Concentrate completely, instantly and safely detoxifies ammonia, chlorine and chloramines in fresh or saltwater. Its unique powder formula delivers concentrated action that liquid water conditioners just can't match. This formula can be used for conditioning new water for aquariums, holding tanks, ponds, fountains and live-haul containers; for performing water changes and/or additions; and for adding new fish, invertebrates, or plants to an existing aquarium or pond. AquaLife® ProCONDITION Concentrate is formulated to perform over a range of pH in both fresh and saltwater.
AquaLife® Rock & Waterfall Cleaner - 1.65lbAquaLife® Rock & Waterfall Cleaner - 1.65lbAquaLife® Rock & Waterfall Cleaner is an oxygen-based cleaner that safely cleans rocks, waterfalls, fountains, & statues. Rock & Waterfall Cleaner brings powerful and safe oxygen-based cleaning to large ponds and lakes as well as to smaller koi ponds and water gardens. When used properly, this formulation is safe for use around fish, birds, pets, and plants.
AquaLife® Sludge Pond Cleaner Pro - Sludge and Odor RemoverAquaLife® Sludge Pond Cleaner Pro - Sludge and Odor RemoverAquaLife® Sludge Cleaner Pro eliminates both top and bottom sludge and odors in ponds of all sizes through the entire  This proprietary blend of natural bacterial strains and enzymes rapidly biodegrades suspended particles and sediments, improving both water quality and clarity. Effective against all types of organic blooms, this product also eliminates foul odors associated with stagnant water. Environmentally friendly, Sludge Cleaner Pro contains nothing harmful to fish, aquatic plants, or pets when used as directed.
AquaLife® Water Garden Cleaner - Natural All-Season Liquid FormulaAquaLife® Water Garden Cleaner - Natural All-Season Liquid FormulaAquaLife® Water Garden Cleaner is an all-season liquid cleaning formula that contains 5 species of beneficial pond bacteria. These bacteria eliminate fish waste, excess fish food, toxic ammonia and nitrites, problem-causing nitrate and phosphates, and bad odors. This all-natural beneficial bacteria formula reduces the need for maintenance and water changes, since it biologically cleans the gravel and clears the water. Don't wait all year to clean out pond sludge. AquaLife® Water Garden Cleaner cleans naturally, week after week and month after month!