Cathy's Pond

Cathy’s pond in Eastern Pennsylvania is a delight to me. When she asked for a pond this small in the back yard of her condo I didn’t think I would get the job because I like to do ponds with at least a degree of class and most people would have balked at doing a pond this small the right way.

I did cut some corners; this pond seemed just too small for a skimmer box and we put a very cheap UV on it, which I regret, but the basics of the pond are done professionally with the rock wall descending into the pond to hide all of the liner above water level.

The special feature of this pond is that Cathy asked me to use her inherited heavy black kettle as a bog filter. I created a reverse French drain effect to spread water throughout the bottom of the kettle which is then filled with pea gravel.

The water forget-me-nots are then planted directly in this pea gravel. The bacteria in the gravel and the roots of the plants are the only filtration in this pond and it does beautifully.  Cathy’s pond is small but truly enjoyable and deserved a place on my website.

While there is no liner above water level showing in this pond, notice that the black liner is allowed to show on the bottom giving this pond an impression of inky depth that is truly intriguing.

The bog filtration in this pond is driven by a small Cal Bronze and Stainless Steel pump with a large black screen. That works well here as anything larger would be hard to hide and a skimmer would have increased the price of this pond by an additional 20 percent.

The plants are more important to this pond aesthetically than the fish but don’t tell Cathy’s grandchildren that!  I am told they find great pleasure in the fish and watch them for hours. 

That is all part of what makes a Practical Garden Pond such a wonderful asset to your yard – a hobby for every age and personality all contained in and around that slice of nature habitat we call the water garden.