Dave and Carol's Pond

Not only did Dave and Carol Randell give me permission to include these pictures of their great pond here on the Practical Garden Ponds web site, but after recently purchasing from PGP as a returning satisfied customer, Carol even wrote the following unsolicited testimonial about the equipment she bought.  Thank you Carol! 

"Our pond and stream is 40 feet long (including the falls to the edge of the pond). The pond is about 8x10 foot kind of kidney shaped.

"Our hardest tasks on building this was placing the two boulders on the top of the waterfall.  They weigh 600 and 400 pounds each.  We had to rent a tractor to put these up there which cost some money. After I had already paid someone else to put them up there a few weeks before but forgot to put the liner underneath them so they had to be taken down. If you have the money to buy the preformed faux rocks do it cause they weigh a lot less but they cost a lot more. We have had the pond and stream established for about 3 months as of this writting.

"I purchased a full size savio skimmer and UV light from Nate at practical gardens and I am very pleased with both products!!!   I will continue to purchase from this company in the future!!   Nate does stand by the products that he sells!!   If you have green water the UV light is the way to go.  After installing the UV light we could see clearly to bottom of the pond in just 2 days!!!.  For about a month prior to installing the UV we could not see a thing including the fish which I thought had died.

"We are running an 18 gpm pump with a large savio skimmer and one UV light.   For you who are new pond creators, expect lots of birds if you have a stream.  The birds LOVE it!!  I have all the birds in the town I think flocking here to take a bath or to get a drink.   This is very peaceful and beautiful........everyone loves to just sit and relax at my pond and enjoy the serenity!!"   

(Nate's Note: Shallow streams or "splash pools" that fill up from the spray of the water fall are a must if you are trying to attract birds. They will generally not get into the deep water of the pond.)  

Dave and Carol, thanks for your photos, your story and your business!