John's Pond

This pond was not built by, nor is it maintained by Practical Garden Ponds. It is owned by one of my customers over in New Jersey. I include this great pond on my web site for three reasons.  

The first reason is that is is a delightful example of a "formal pond".  I have not built many if any formal ponds myself and so I include this one for the variety it provides to any potential customers who may be looking for ideas. 

The second reason I include this pond is that, as beautiful as it is, in the first two photos John's pond does have some problems with green water and floating particles. 

In the spring of 2007 John purchased a full sized Savio Skimmer from the Practical Garden Ponds store on this web site and inserted it into this pond. 

In pictures three through five you can see how much better the surface looks because of the skimmer. The pond water quality has improved significantly.  John still does not utilize a Savio UV although the pressurized filter he uses has one.  I think the water is dark looking because of the black liner and the angle.  The fish can easily be seen.  

In pictures three and five the skimmer is located in the front corner closest to the camera, but the only thing that gives it's location away at all is the pump's power cord.   In picture four you can see the skimmer mouth in the distance.  The skimmer is VERY discrete in this pond and the whole thing is done very well.  

The third reason I like showing these pictures is that John's pond is a fantastic example of the importance of location. This pond can be enjoyed from inside the house and from the yard.  Thank you John for sharing these pictures of your beautiful pond.   Nicely done!  

After the Full-Sizes Skimmer was Installed...