Lou & Stella's Pond

This three tiered pond and significant stream with waterfalls was not a Practical Garden Ponds creation. I have been the one who has been maintaining this pond for years.

That used to be a real chore as this pond was first put together with only a pump, no filtration of any kind other than the natural bacteria which clings to the stones and rocks along the ample streambed.

A few years ago the owner allowed me to install a Savio Full Size Skimmer. That made a world of difference in this pond. We still have no UV lights or other filtration on this substantial pond but with a single spring cleaning every year (and by that I mean a total and complete emptying and vacuuming of the entire pond) this pond looks pretty good the rest of the spring, summer and fall. I think the two reasons it does so well is the large amount of water movement through natural bacteria harbors and the fact that the pond is heavily shaded.

Besides a great location and dramatic movement of water, one of the reasons I like this pond is that it illustrates so well the many diverse hobbies that are all rolled into the one pastime we call "water gardening".

This pond makes an abundance of water sounds. The sight of the rolling stream along it's bed and the sight and sound of the two significant waterfalls are all delightful.

The numerous fish and other wild creatures, frogs, salamanders, snails and birds that are drawn to this pond are pleasant. And the plants both around and in the pond are lovely. I am especially excited about the water iris that have come up voluntarily at various places in the stream bed. They were originally planted only in the ponds.

The other item of interest in this pond is the pump. It utilizes the Atlantic Tidal Wave 3000 gallon A05 pump. We replaced another brand name 3000 gallon pump this spring with the Atlantic, and both the owner of the pond and I are convinced that the flow rate improved significantly.

I highly recommend the Atlantic Tidal Wave pumps. They are VERY HEAVY DUTY. They are made of stainless steel and cast. The screen on the pump has large holes which are easy to unclog and the pump is able to handle substantial solids if they get through. The other nice thing about this pump is that it comes standard with a 32’ long power cord and a two year guarantee.

The fish in this pond are varieties of "Comet" or "pool goldfish". The carrot colored ones are usually referred to by one of those two names. The shades of color vary. The best hues are often referred to as "red". Goldfish that are "red and white", and will sometimes bring a premium price.

The three colored variety, of which there are a few in this pond, are commonly called "Shubunkins" or "Calico Pool Comets" etc. There are also varieties of fin shape and size. The standard comet has a single tail with a top and bottom section to it. The "fantail" is chubby-bodied" and has a split tail.