6/9/14 - Filter, Skimmer and UV Installation 

The hardscaping around this pond was great; the only issue was that the water was constantly cloudy. A full cleaning once or twice a year would only keep the water clear for a few days. Equipped with only a skimmer for filtration, the homeowner wanted a better solution. We added an Ultima Filter, Helix Skimmer and two 40 watt UV Sterilizers to solve the water clarity issue. Since the backyard was very well landscaped with no obvious place to hide all the equipment a small fence was installed to house the Ultima and the two UVs. 

Equipment Used: 
  • Ultima II Cyclonic Bio-Tube Filter, 6000g 2" I/O 
  • Helix Life Support Skimmer 
  • 2 Aqua Ultraviolet 40 watt Clarifiers