API® Pond Accu-Clear®
API® Pond Accu-Clear®
API® Pond Accu-Clear® 16oz Size (142B)API® Pond Accu-Clear® 32oz Size (142G)API® Pond Accu-Clear® 64oz Size (142D)API® Pond Accu-Clear® 128oz Size (142C)
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API® Pond Accu-Clear® maintains crystal-clear pond water and helps filters function more efficiently, clearing murky and cloudy pond water. Works by causing tiny suspended particles in pond water to clump together (flocculate) and fall to the bottom. Recommended for use with Pond Zyme® or Pond Ecofix for unparalleled pond cleanliness.

Part # UPC Code Size
142B 317163051429 16oz
142G 317163071427 32oz
142D 317163041420 64oz
142C 317163281420 128oz (gallon)