API® Aquatic Plant Media
API® Aquatic Plant Media
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API® Aquatic Plant Media is perfect for potting pond plants such as water lily, iris and bog plants. This unique blend of Arcillite and Zeolite securely holds plant in pot, and will not cloud water or clog pumps or filters. Safe for fish, and will not change pH.
  • Use during spring start-up or when adding new plants to your pond
  • Traps and holds nutrients from fertilizer tablets
Use Directions
Saturate with water for ease of use, by pouring soil into bucket and covering granules with water. Cover any holes in planting pots with nylon screen or weed barrier to prevent loss of plant media. Add about 3" of pre-soaked media into bottom of pot or basket. Arrange ploant roots in pot and gently cover roots with additional media. Fill to 1" from rim, and top off with decorative stones. Slowly lower pot into pond, allowing trapped air in soil to bubble out.

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