Airmax® ProAir™-2 Diffuser Plates & Replacement Parts
Airmax® ProAir™-2 Diffuser Plates & Replacement Parts
Airmax® ProAir™2 Diffuser Sled (#490333)Airmax® 6" PTFE Membrane Diffuser Stick (#510168)Airmax® 6" PTFE Membrane Diffuser Sleeve (#610008)Airmax® 6" PTFE Membrane Diffuser Retainer Ring (#610004)Airmax® ProAir™2 Back Pressure Check Valve (#490340)Airmax® ProAir™2 Winterization Cap (#490313)Airmax® ProAir™2 Winterization Cap O-Ring (#490309)
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The ProAir™-2 Weighted Diffuser is for use with the Airmax® Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems. The innovative sled design keeps the diffuser submerged while maintaining an upright position. The included check valve prevents back pressure on the compressor. Winterization Caps are recommended if you shut down your aeration system during the winter, as they prevent debris from entering the airline.

SKU UPC Code Description
490354 811262016995 ProAir™ 2 Diffuser Complete
490333 813166022867 ProAir™ 2 Diffuser Sled
510168 811262013963 ProAir™ Diffuser Stick Complete
610008 813166022850 ProAir™ Diffuser Stick Sleeve
610004 813166022898 ProAir™ Diffuser Stick Retainer Ring
490340 811262018616 ProAir™ Back Pressure Check Valve
490309 813166022997 ProAir™ Winterization Cap
490313 813166021839 ProAir™ Winterization Cap O-Rings (4)