Replacement Parts for Airmax® Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems
Replacement Parts for Airmax® Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems
LR25 Compressor for SW20LR50 Compressor for SW40Compressor Maintenance Kit for SW20Compressor Maintenance Kit for SW40Air Filter 2-Pack for SW20Air Filter 2-Pack for SW40Airflow Manifold Assembly for SW20Airflow Manifold Assembly for SW40Black Canister Air Filter, CompleteAir Filter, Element Only115V Compressor FanCompressor Intake FilterComplete Security KitBasic Security Kit4 Knob Set1/4" Ball ValveCooling Fan KitCooling Fan Finger GuardBrownout Protection Box
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These replacement parts fit the Airmax® Shallow Water Series™ Aeration Systems. These replacement parts are for the unit itself - either the SilentAir™ Linear Diaphragm Compressor or the Airmax® Composite Cabinet.

For the complete Shallow Water Series™ Systems, or for airline or diffuser parts, see the links below.

The heart of the Shallow Water Series™ Aeration System is the SilentAir™ Linear Diaphragm Compressor, which works effectively while costing as little as $3/month. Integrated Manifold with Ball Valves simplifies airflow-management and vibration-reducing rubber feet ensure quiet operation. Each airline is equipped with Quick Disconnects for easy removal and storage. The entire compressor unit is protected by the Airmax® Composite Cabinet, which combines weather protection with a ventilation fan and high-density air intake filter to keep the compressor, cool, clean and dry. An elevated base protects hardware from flood or rainwater damage, and the cabinet is protected by a lifetime warranty (2 Year Warranty on electrical components).

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