ALITA® High-Quality Linear Air Pumps - THREE YEAR WARRANTY
ALITA® High-Quality Linear Air Pumps - THREE YEAR WARRANTY
Alita® AL-6A and AL-15A Linear Air PumpsAlita® AL-40, AL-60, and AL-80 Linear Air PumpsAlita® AL-100, AL-120, AL-150, AL-200, AL-250E Linear Air PumpsPerformance Chart for AL-6A and AL-15A PumpsPerformance Chart for AL-25M and AL-35M PumpsPerformance Chart for AL-40, AL-60 and AL-80 PumpsPerformance Chart for AL-100, AL-120, AL-150 and AL-200 PumpsExample of pump with Matala control valve attachedComparison of different brands of linear air pumpsDimensions of AL-6A, AL-15A, AL-25M and AL-35M PumpsDimensions of AL-100, AL-120, AL-150, AL-200 and AL-250E Pumps
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Designed to deliver high volume of steady airflow at low-pressure ranges, ALITA Linear Air Pumps are of high efficiency, low energy consumption and perform with low operation noise. With no sliding parts and oil-less components, ALITA air pump requires no lubrication and transfer air without any contamination. The super durable diaphragms last 3-5 years, and are easily and inexpensively replaced to keep the air pump always operating at its peak performance. After the diaphragm replacement, they will operate like new! Pump itself is protected by a 3 Year Warranty against manufacturing defect or poor workmanship.

  • Oil-free motor provides steady airflow without risk of pollution
  • Low energy consumption, long service life, and quiet operation
  • Compact, solid construction is perfect for indoor or outdoor use

Mounting instructions:
The Alita high volume air pumps do not come with threaded outlet, because it is not intended to have restricted airflow. Instead, the large 5/8" outlet comes with a 
5/8" I.D. rubber elbow. We encourage using this elbow to adapt to PVC, flexible PVC or to a gang valve like the Matala Hakko Heavy Duty Brass Gang Valves.

Specifications for Aquarium Usage
Model Output Recommended Air Outlets Recommended Depth
AL-15A 20 Lpm At least 20-25 18" Maximum
AL-40 48 Lpm At least 50-60 24" Maximum
AL-60 68 Lpm At least 65-75 24" Maximum
AL-80 85 Lpm At least 80-95 24" Maximum
AL-120 130 Lpm At least 125-145 30" Maximum

Specifications for Pond Use
Model Rated Pressure  Performance  Power Noise  Discharge  Weight
AL-6A 1.4 psi, 10 kPa 0.35 cfm, 10 Lpm 13W 27 dB 1/8" FPT* 5.8lb
AL-15A 1.4 psi, 10 kPa 0.5 cfm, 15 Lpm 19W 29 dB 1/8" FPT* 5.8lb
AL-25M 1.4 psi, 10 kPa 0.9 cfm, 25 Lpm 23W - 1/8" FPT* 7.7lb
AL-35M 1.4 psi, 10 kPa 1.25 cfm, 35 Lpm 35W - 1/8" FPT* 7.7lb
AL-40 2.18 psi, 15 kPa 1.4 cfm, 40 Lpm 46W 36 dB 5/8" 12lb
AL-60 2.18 psi, 15 kPa 2.1 cfm, 60 Lpm 60W 38 dB 5/8" 14lb
AL-80 2.18 psi, 15 kPa 2.8 cfm, 80 Lpm 85W 39 dB 5/8" 14lb
AL-100 2.6 psi, 0.18 bar 3.5 cfm, 100 Lpm 120W 41 dB 5/8" 18.2lb
AL-120 2.9 psi, 0.20 bar 4.2 cfm, 120 Lpm 124W 42 dB 5/8" 18.2lb
AL-150 2.9 psi, 0.20 bar 5.3 cfm, 150 Lpm 160W 44 dB 5/8" 22.3lb
AL-200 2.9 psi, 0.20 bar 7.0 cfm, 200 Lpm 261W 45 dB 5/8" 22.3lb
AL-250E 2.9 psi, 0.20 bar 8.8 cfm, 250 Lpm 295W 46 dB 5/8" 22.3lb
*AL-6A, AL-15A, AL-25M, AL-35M include 3/16" & 3/8" barb, 5/8" barb with 5mm ID
Power Specifications 115/230V, 50/60Hz
Warranty 3 Years
Features Benefits
Long Service Life and Simple Maintenance Easy-to-replace diaphragms need changed only every 3-5 years
Low Energy Consumption Energy savings over other leading air pump brands
Indoor or Outdoor Operation Can be used outside with some weather protection
Quiet and Low Vibration Casual conversation noise levels
Oil Free Operation No contamination or pollution
Thermal Protection Keeps from overheating
Reliable Intermittent or Continuous Duty Operation
Steady Airflow