Alpine Bio-Pure Pressure Filters - Standalone Units or With UV
Alpine Bio-Pure Pressure Filters - Standalone Units or With UV
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The Alpine Bio-Pure Pressure Filters can be purchased either as standalone units or with Ultraviolet (UV) Clarifiers.
These filter systems are small and can easily be hidden, so they are perfect for the owner of a small pond or water feature who wants clear water and a natural look.

  • Multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration
  • Large foam surface provides increased filtration and allows beneficial bacterial to thrive
  • Unique external pressure indicator lets user know if filter is performing properly
  • Can be partially buried to keep unsightly equipment out of sight
Model Filter
Pond Size
PLF1000 1000 gallons 1056 gallons 3/4"-1.5" 7W 11"L x 11"W x 15"H
PLF2000 2000 gallons 1800 gallons 3/4"-1.5" 9W 14"L x 14"W x 20"H
PLF3000 3000 gallons 4000 gallons 3/4"-1.5" 11W 15"L x 16"W x 24"H

PLF1000, PLF1000U, PLF2000, PLF2000U, PLF3000U
Warranty 2 Years
Features Benefits
Large foam surface Provides increased filtration
Universal connectors Can fit tubing sizes 3/4" to 1-1/2"