ALITA® EPDM Flexible Membrane Diffuser Discs
ALITA® EPDM Flexible Membrane Diffuser Discs
EPDM Membrane Diffuser Discs in Action!Schematics on Disc Diffusers
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The ALITA® EPDM Flexible Membrane Diffuser Discs are fine pore diffusers engineered for superior product life, operational flexibility and maximum oxygen transfer efficiency. These units are ideally suited for continuous or on/off applications and require minimal maintenance for long-term efficient performance.

Model Nominal
Overall Diameter Active Surface Area Design Airflow Max Airflow Weight
DFA7 7" 9.0" (229mm) 0.26 sq. ft. (221cm2) 3.0 scfm 0.5-2.5 scfm 1.2lb (0.5kg)
DFA9 9" 10.9" (280mm) 0.4 sq. ft. (381cm2) 6.0 scfm 0.5-4.0 scfm 1.5lb (0.7kg)
DFA11 11" 13" (334mm) 0.66 sq. ft. (610cm2) 10.0 scfm 1.0-8.0 scfm 2.5lb (1.1kg)
Connections 3/4" MPT (Universal Connector has 3/4" FPT)
Features Benefits
Triple Check Valve against Back Flow Prevents entry of solids/liquids into piping, ideal for non-continuous applications
Resistant to Fouling and Plugging High oxygen transfer efficiency, minimal maintenance
Presicion Die-Cut Openings Uniform air release, low operating pressure
Rugged, Heavy Duty Construction Chemical, temperature, and UV resistance
Mounts on any pipe material (PVC, ABS, CPVC, SS, etc)
Economical and Easy to Install