ALITA® Replacement Parts - Diaphragms, Magnetic Rods/Bars, and Rubber L-Tubing
ALITA® Replacement Parts - Diaphragms, Magnetic Rods/Bars, and Rubber L-Tubing
Alita Diaphragm Replacement Kit for AL-15 to AL-120 pumpsAlita Diaphragm Replacement Kit for AL-150 to AL-250 pumpsAlita Magnet Bar for Alita Air PumpsAlita Inner L-Tubes for AL-40 to AL-60 pumpsAlita Inner L-Tubes for AL-80 to AL-200 pumpsAlita External Discharge Adapters
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Diaphragm Kits
ALITA® pumps utilize a diaphragm that usually lasts 3-5 years and can be replaced inexpensively and in just minutes. While piston linear pumps require costly piston replacements (which can never be restored to original performance), Alita pumps operate at peak performance after diaphragm replacement! Diaphragm Kits includes a set of air filter pads and a filter cover gasket.

Magnet Bars
If the internal magnet bar has broken into multiple pieces, it requires replacement. If it is touching the coil windings, it may require repositioning or replacement.

Internal L-Tubes
These internal rubber elbow sets are necessary for communicating pressure properly. These internal replacement parts are sold in sets of two.

Discharge Adapter
These external rubber adapters are necessary for hooking pumps up to tubing. They include clamps.

Pump Model and Matching Replacement Parts
Pump Model Diaphragm
AL-6A DRK15 MR15
AL-25M SK35
AL-40 DRK40 MR40 RTLint4060 25-L
AL-60 DRK60 MR60
AL-80 (-09/2004)
DS# - Up to 0409####
AL-80 (10/2004-)
DS# - 0410#### and after
DRK80 L-Tube200
AL-100 DRK120 RT-75
AL-120 MR120
AL-150 (-2014)
DS# - Up to 1412####
DRK150 MR200
AL-200 (-2012)
DS# - Up to 1212####
AL-150 (2015-)
DS# - 1501#### and after
AL-200 (2013-)
DS# - 1301#### and after
DRK-15, DRK-40, DRK-60, DRK-80, DRK-120, DRK-150, DSK-250, DRK15, DRK40, DRK60, DRK80, DRK120, DRK150, DSK250, MR-15, MR-40, MR-60, MR-100, MR-120, MR-200, MR15, MR40, MR60, MR100, MR120, MR200, L-Tube200