Alpine Surge/Fountain Head Pumps
Alpine Surge/Fountain Head Pumps
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Alpine Surge Pumps are ideal for general pond use. With adjustable flow control and a removable filter, this pump is easy to clean and versatile in use. It comes with fountain heads, hose adapters and a diverter valve. This pump is protected by a 3 year warranty.

Item # Max Flow Max Head Watts FPT Outlet
SEN160F 156 gph 3' 6" 10 3/8" 
SEN290F 290 gph 5' 9" 17 1/3"

Dimensions 3" x 7" x 5"
Cord Length 33 Feet
Features Benefits
Adjustable flow control Versatility in use
Removable filter Easy to clean
Oil-free and magnetic-driven Efficient operation without harmful oils
Ceramic impeller shaft Long pump life
Includes fountain heads, diverter valve, and hose adapters