Anjon BioPro™ Pressurized Filters with UV
Anjon BioPro™ Pressurized Filters with UV
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The BioPro™ Pressurized Filters with UV combine of both mechanical and biological filtration. The filter uses a 2-stage mechanical filtration process to remove coarse and fine floating particulates, while it utilizes a beneficial bacteria biological filtration process that removes harmful ammonia and waste and promote a healthy pond environment.

Multi-Stage Filtration
The first stage of filtration removes suspended debris when water is sent through layers of varying densities of filter media -- from coarse to fine. Water then passes over Bio-Balls, a biological filter medium, where bacteria colonies thrive and effectively remove harmful ammonia and nitrites.

Easy Cleaning 
Flushing the filter to remove dirt and debris is easy: simply shut down the pump, rotate the valve from filtration to flush mode, and turn the pump back on! A purge handle compresses the filters for extra efficiency without endangering the biological bacteria colonies. The water will clear the filter, and as soon as the water runs clear, the pump can be shut off and the filter returned to filtration mode. 

  • Combines mechanical filtration, biological filtration and UV clarification
  • Glowing monitor indicates whether UV light is functioning properly
  • Visible indicator signals when pressure filter requires back-washing
  • Heavy-duty, water-tight housing is easily accessible for routine filter maintenance
  • Can be partially buried to conceal filter
Item Power Usage Max Pond Size Max Flow Weight
BP-1000H 9 Watts 1,000 Gallons 1000gph 10lb
BP-2000H 24 Watts 2,000 Gallons 2000gph 20lb
BP-4000H 36 Watts 4,000 Gallons 4000gph 25lb

Inlet/Oulet Size 1.5" MPT
Included Adapter Multi-Size Barbs - Fits 3/4", 1", 1.25", 1.5"
Cord Length 23 Feet