Anjon Floating Fountains - 6 Options Available, 4 Nozzles Included
Anjon Floating Fountains - 6 Options Available, 4 Nozzles Included
Live Oak PatternLive Oak PatternStandard Deflector PatternStandard Deflector PatternJetStream Pattern with Standard Deflector Pattern
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Anjon Manufacturing’s floating fountains beautify and aerate ponds and lakes. These stunning and energy efficient decorative fountains include interchangeable nozzles to produce four unique display patterns. Anjon’s floating fountains agitate and aerate the water, promoting a healthy aquatic environment for fish and plants.
  • For pond and lakes up to 40,000ft2 surface area
  • Interchangeable nozzles produce 4 unique display patterns
  • Durable 32” diameter fountain float with ready to install light mount holes.
  • 2 Year warranty
Item # Description Power Cord Pattern Width Pattern Height
AFF3100 1/3 HP Floating Fountain 100' 6ft - 18ft 5ft - 13ft
AFF5100 1/2 HP Floating Fountain 100' 8ft - 22ft 8ft - 18ft
AFF8200 3/4 HP Floating Fountain 200'
AFF10100 1 HP Floating Fountain 100' 8ft - 38ft 8ft - 33ft
AF125200 1.2 HP Floating Fountain 200'
AF15K 1.5 HP Floating Fountain 100'

Included Nozzles Standard Deflector, Wide Deflector, Geyser, Live Oak
Warranty 2 Years
Features Benefits
Interchangeable Nozzles Produces 4 unique display patterns