Anjon Monsoon™ Pumps
Anjon Monsoon™ Pumps
MS550 - MS2000 Flow ChartMS3000 - MS10000 Flow Chart
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Durable and reliable, Monsoon™ pumps are engineered for 24-hour continuous use:

  • Safe for fish and aquatic life - oil-free pump for pristine water quality, removable guard over inlet to protect pond inhabitants
  • Long-lasting components - overload sensor protects pump from overheating, high-quality seals protect pump parts for long life
  • For in-line or submersible applications
  • Protected by a 2 Year Warranty
Item # Power Usage Max Flow Max Head Outlet Size Weight
MS-0550 54 Watts 550gph 11' 1.5" 7lb
MS-0800 82 Watts 800gph 13' 1.5" 7lb
MS-1200 144 Watts 1200gph 17' 1.5" 8lb
MS-1600 156 Watts 1600gph 18' 1.5" 8lb
MS-2000 144 Watts 2000gph 20' 1.5" 9lb
MS-3000 192 Watts 3000gph 19' 1.5" 12lb
MS-4000 276 Watts 4000gph 21 2" 16lb
MS-5200 294 Watts 5200gph 24' 2" 16lb
MS-6100 354 Watts 6100gph 27' 2" 17lb
MS-8000 520 Watts 8000gph 26' 2" 17lb
MS-10000 780 Watts 10000gph 31' 3" 29lb
MS-12500 960Watts 12500gph 37' 3" 32lb

MS-550, MS-800, MS-1200, MS-1600, MS-2000, MS-3000, MS-4000, MS-5200, MS-6100, MS-8000, MS-10000

Cord Length 30 Feet
Warranty 2 Years
Features Benefits
Versatile Design Can be used in or out of the pond
Overload sensor shut-off protection Keeps pump from burning out and overheating
Vortex impeller for tough-torque flow Capable of passing solids up to 1/4"
High Quality Seals Long and efficient pump life
Oil-free pump with pre-filter guard Safe for aquatic life