Anjon Thrive Koi Flourish - Growth Formula
Anjon Thrive Koi Flourish - Growth Formula
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Thrive Koi Nutrition™ fish foods by Anjon Manufacturing are scientifically formulated to provide a daily diet of the essential nutrients your Koi and pond fish need for health, longevity and resistance to disease. Choose from a selection of color-enhancing, growth or seasonal Koi and pond fish foods to keep your pond friends healthy and happy. All varieties of Thrive Koi Nutrition™ are packaged for peak freshness in re-sealable HDPE buckets.

Thrive Koi Flourish - Growth Formula
  • Includes wheat & vitamin E for maximum growth
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals, with low levels of phosphorus to reduce environmental impact
  • All-season diet: 40% protein formulation - one of the highest concentrations of protein in fish food on the market
Note: For optimal fish health and growth rates, gradually make any changes in their diet over a two week period to allow fish metabolism and digestive system a chance to adjust. Use a low temperature rated food when water temperatures are 60º F or lower. Stop feeding fish when water temperatures drop below 50º F.