Aqua-One Sludge Remover Dry 12 Oz, Aqua One
Aqua-One Sludge Remover Dry 12 Oz, Aqua One
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Remove sludge from your pond- without the use of toxic chemicals.

All-natural treatment works great for:

  • Naturally improving the balance of an aquatic eco-system by reducing or eliminating organic sludge buildup.
  • Increasing pond water clarity.
  • Getting rid of odors typically associated with sludge buildup.

Sludge REMOVER consists of a special blend of beneficial bacteria.

  • Naturally occurring microbes use nitrogen and phosphorous as a food source- eliminating excess nutrients that cause low-quality water problems.
  • The microbes in Sludge REMOVER help improve pond and aquarium water clarity.

 Chemical free and non-toxic.

  • Completely safe for aquatic life- won’t harm fish or other living beings.
  • Sludge REMOVER has no odor and is not a chemical.

12 oz. treats up to 60,000 gallons of water (Six - 2 ounce packs that treat 2500 gallons each on initial use and 10,000 gallons each for maintenance). 

To estimate the volume of water to be treated multiply the length, by the width, by the average depth (LxWxD), multiply this figure by 7.48 to determine total gallons.