Aqua Sprouts Aquaponic / Hydroponic Garden Kit and Accessories
Aqua Sprouts Aquaponic / Hydroponic Garden Kit and Accessories
Garden Kit demonstration with plants and fish w/ included light bar in place.Garden Kit demonstration with plants and fishGarden Kit demonstration with plants and fishOptional T5 Hydroponic Grow LightOptional LED aquarium lightOptional Light Bar ExtensionRetail packaging
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Do you want to get your finger's wet with Aquaponics (the art of growing fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship)?  

There is no easier way to start a hydroponic herb garden with ornamental fish included than the Aqua Sprouts Garden Kit.

The main kit includes everything you need except plants to turn your 10 gallon aquarium (aquarium is not included in the kit) into a fascenating eco system that allows you to harvest herbs year round indoors!  
  • Aqua Sprouts Aquarium surrount and planter tray with light bar.   This ABS lightwieght hollow stand creates a fashionable surround around your 10 gallong aquarium, suspending the plant tray above the fish.  The whole unit easily fits on a small table or book shelf etc.
  • Pump and timer for circulating and cycling the water thru the plants and aquarium is included.  
  • The included light bar is easiely removed if your system will be located in direct sunlight and the lightbar is not desired.  
  • Special expanded clay growth media.  This media supports your plants, traps nutrients for the plants to absorb and doesn't break down.  
A T-5 Grow light is also available.   This light hangs on the light bar and will give your plants the proper lighting they need to grow. 

A small (submersible if desired) LED Aquarium light is also available to illuminate and beautify your aquarium.   

Lightbar leg extentions are available to lift your light above taller plants that you may choose to grow.