Aqua Ultraviolet® Ultima II Filters with 2" Inlet/Outlet - 1000-30,000 Gallon Capacity
Aqua Ultraviolet® Ultima II Filters with 2" Inlet/Outlet - 1000-30,000 Gallon Capacity
1000 Gallon Capacity2000 Gallon Capacity4000 Gallon Capacity6000 Gallon Capacity10,000 Gallon Capacity20,000 Gallon Capacity30,000 Gallon Capacity
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The Ultima II Filter is the best choice for home hobbyists and aqua professionals alike due to its impressive capacity and minimal, effortless maintenance. Independent laboratory testing confirms that the Ultima II filter is superior to three leading bead filter brands in setup, nitrification, back-washing and overall efficiency.

Why Use a Biomechanical Filter?
To support aquatic life, it is essential to remove both ammonia and accumulated debris. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by installing an Ultima II biomechanical filter, which removes particles AND ammonia. The beneficial bacteria convert ammonia into harmless compounds.

How is the Ultima II Different from Bead Filters?
Bead filters use a wax-based, plastic pellet that 
can take 6 weeks to begin eliminating ammonia. The smooth plastic encourages clumping, causing water and waste to pass around the large mass of beads and allowing untreated ammonia and solids to return to the pond. Breaking up those clumps of beads often means opening up the filter and poking at the clumps with a stick - inconvenient and messy.

The Ultima II uses a patented, non-wax-based plastic media that comes pre-seeded with natural bacteria so that it starts working within 2-4 weeks of installation! Its unique design prevents clumping and gives it the highest surface area of any product on the market, which allows the Ultima II to handle more load even though it is smaller than bead filters. When it comes to cleaning, the Ultima II patented cyclonic backwash separates the waste and flushes it out the waste line - easy and clean. See it at work below!


Model Pond Capacity Pump Flow Range Optimal Flow
1000 500-1,000 gallons 500-1,200 gph 1,000 gph
2000 1,000-2,000 gallons 1,000-2,500 gph 2,000 gph
4000 2,000-4,000 gallons 2,000-4,500 gph 4,000 gph
6000 4,000-6,000 gallons 3,000-7,500 gph 6,000 gph
10000 6,000-10,000 gallons 5,000-7,500 gph 7,500 gph
20000 10,000-20,000 gallons 7,000-7,500 gph 7,500 gph
30000 20,000-30,000 gallons 7,000-7,500 gph 7,500 gph

A50079, A50017, A50004, A50007, A50011, A50119, A50300
Optimal Pump Head 10 Feet
Inlet/Oulet Size 2 Inches
Features Benefits
Patented Cyclonic Backwash System Clean out the filter by just rotating a valve - no scrubbing or getting dirty!
Patented Filter Media Scientifically engineered for less clumping and more effective filtration
Highest Surface Area for Growth of Beneficial Bacteria Get more results from a smaller filter!
Filter Media is Pre-Seeded with Natural Bacteria Get results within 2-4 weeks - not 6 weeks like other brands!