AquaBead X2 Filters from GCTek
AquaBead X2 Filters from GCTek
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The AquaBead X2 filters from Grand Champion Technologies (GC Tek) is perfect for larger pond applications where large flow rates are needed. Rather than using an oversizes pump, the X2 filters allow you to use two smaller pumps to achieve the necessary flow rates for your pond. 

Life Support System
The AquaBead Life Support System (ALISS) is designed to keep bacteria alive if you ever have to do a medical bypass, or if your pump fails. A one-way valve on the front of the multiport valve allows air in without letting water seep out! Simply hook up an air pump to the barbed fitting, and air will flow into the filter, keeping the bacteria alive.

The AquaBead Agitator prevents the filter beads from sticking together. When this 2 HP pump kicks into action, air is injected into the bottom of the filter, which breaks up the clumped beads as it rises violently to the top.

Additional Features
  • High surface area and flowrate for efficient filtration -- you don't need a very large pump!
  • Large 2" spring check valve allows for high flow, and dual unions make replacing simple
  • Side-mounted valves and a top opening means you don't need to unhook the plumbing!
  • 10" clear lid on tank and sight glass on multiport valve makes filter inspection easy
  • Double-layered fiberglass body is immensely more durable than plastic
  • Pressure gauge tells you what is going on inside tank
  • Easy drain allows water to exit, but not filter media!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on tank
GC Tek GCTek Aqua Bead X2 Classic 6.0 9.0 AquaBead
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Features Benefits
ALISS (AquaBead Life Support System) Prevents bacteria from dying if filter is turned off
Media Agitator Prevents media from binding together and reducing effectiveness