AquaLife® Clarify for Ponds
AquaLife® Clarify for Ponds
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Water cloudiness in garden ponds typically results when tiny particles are suspended in the water column. AquaLife® Clarify for Ponds contains a proprietary flocculating agent that causes suspended particles to clump together, allowing for more efficient removal by the pond's filtration system. The result is a clearer, cleaner pond and more effective filtration in about three hours or less. Normal mechanical and biological filtration must be maintained during treatment in order to facilitate particulate matter removal.
  • Concentrated formula is safe for fish, plants, pets and people when used as directed
  • Quickly eliminates cloudy water and leaves pond clear and clean
  • Improves filtration efficiency
Use in conjunction with AquaLife® Water Garden Cleaner or Sludge Cleaner Pro to maintain optimal water clarity. AquaLife® for ponds is safe for all aquatic life, pets and people when used as directed.

Use one teaspoon per 50 gallons or one cup per 2400 gallons (For mild clarity issues, use 3/5 of a full dose). Disperse product in area of high water movement. If pond lacks filtration system, disperse product in several areas for greatest effectiveness.

Size Treatment Volume (Full Dose) Treatment Capacity (Mild Dose)
16oz 4,800 Gallons 8,000 Gallons
32oz 9,600 Gallons 16,000 Gallons

Important: If pond aeration is inadequate, decomposition of organic matter in clumped particles may result in lowered oxygen levels during warm weather. Use with caution under these circumstances. 

AL1813, AL1814

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