AquaLife® DeChlorit Water Conditioner, 16oz
AquaLife® DeChlorit Water Conditioner, 16oz
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AquaLife® DeChlorit is designed to be an inexpensive, quality solution for removing chlorine in large volumes of water and is great for use anytime a highly concentrated chlorine remover is needed. AquaLife® DeChlorit is recommended for removing chlorine residue from bleached coral before returning it to the aquarium.
  • Promotes healthy ponds and is safe for all pond animals and plants
  • Removes chlorine instantly and breaks down chloramines
  • Does not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • Phosphate and nitrate free
  • Made in the USA
Why Do I Need a Dechlorinator?
Chlorine is highly toxic to fish and is not tolerated at any level. Chlorine destroys gill tissue and impairs gas exchange between the tissue and dissolved oxygen in the water. Tissue damage from chlorine is irreversible. Affected fish exhibit labored breathing and eventually die due to oxygen depreivation. The lethal effects of chlorine poisoning can be observed in as little as 30 minutes, and death can occur from chlorine poisoning within 24 hours. Because chlorine is added to municipal water systems (to kill bacteria and other pathogens that cause disease in humans), chlorine poisoning commonly happens when hobbyists top off the pond with water from garden hoses. Even at low concentrations, chlorinated water kills fish. 

To fully condition water for new ponds, water additions, or before adding new animals or plants, add one mL (approximately one drop) of AquaLife® DeChlorit per gallon or one capful per 100 gallons.

Deionized water, sodium thiosulfate, stabilizers.

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AL8343 829627001061 AquaLife® DeChlorit, 16oz 7,568 gallons