AquaLife® Pond Salt
AquaLife® Pond Salt
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AquaLife® Pond Salt can help maintain fish health (especially a healthy slime coat) and prevent or control disease outbreak. Pond fish, including both goldfish and Koi, require salt to maintain the proper electrolyte balance in their body fluids. Because the surrounding water is less salty than the fish's blood, fish are in constant danger of losing vital electrolytes. Salt also assists in the production of the slime coat that protects the fish's skin from parasites and pathogens. Pond salt may also be used for disease control in pond fish, and is effective against several types of parasites when used as directed.

Add one pound per 100 gallons when setting up a new pond. This dose results in a salt level of approximately 0.1%. Hardy pond plants can tolerate salt levels up to 3 pounds per 100 gallons (0.3%), a level which is effective for treating some diseases. For treating stubborn cases, carry out treatment in a separate container and treat at 4-6 pounds per 100 gallons (0.4-6%). 

SKU UPC Code Size Treatment Capacity, Based on Dosage
New Pond
(0.1% Dose)
(0.3% Dose)
Difficult Cases
(0.4-0.6% Dose)
AL8353 829627001917 10lb 1,000 gallons 333 gallons 167-250 gallons
AL8354 829627001924 20lb 2,000 gallons 667 gallons 333-500 gallons

Pond salt does not break down and is only removed from the pond when flooding occurs or during water changes. In either case, sufficient salt should be added only to compensate for the amount of water lost or changed. If you are unsure of the dosage or of the volume of your pond, have the salt level checked by a pond care professional. Overdosing may cause harm to plants or fish. Store in a dry place. Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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Features Benefits
Enhances Slime Coat Production Essential for healthy fish
Pure Salt and Essentials Doesn't contain anything harmful for pond life
Helps Control Disease Outbreak