Aquascape® AquaBasin® Fountain Basins
Aquascape® AquaBasin® Fountain Basins
AquaBasin® 30AquaBasin® 30Medium AquaBasin®AquaBasin® 45AquaBasin® 30 / AquaBasin® 45 - Access PanelAquaBasin® 30 / AquaBasin® 45 - Tubing AccessAquaBasin® 30 / AquaBasin® 45 - Lighting AccessAquaBasin® 30 / AquaBasin® 45 - Shown with Fountain
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The Aquascape® AquaBasin® is designed to take the guesswork out of installing fountain rocks, hand-carved stone, brass fountains, and bubbling urns. The AquaBasin® is a great way for anyone to quickly and easily install these popular styles of water features. These basins can accommodate all Aquascape® Ultra™ Pumps.
  • Professional grade, high-density polyethylene, double walled structure gives it superior strength and weight distribution
  • Designed for maximum strength when backfilling and positioning decorative pieces
  • Pre-drilled hole in the center makes it easy to hook up plumbing
  • Extra large water capacity means less maintenance
  • Pump access panels allow access for maintenance
Item # Model Volume Weight
Dimensions Maximum
Flow Rate
78223 AquaBasin® 30 27 Gallons 500lb 30" x 30" x 10" 2000gph
76004 AquaBasin® Medium 40 Gallons 1200lb 24" x 24" x 16" 2000gph
78224 AquaBasin® 45 98 Gallons 1500lb 44.5" x 44.5" x 16" 4000gph

98469 76004 98134
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Features Benefits
Maximum Strength Construction Securely position heavy rocks to cover basin
Extra Large Water Capacity Less maintenance
Pump Access Panels Easy maintenance