PerformancePro Artesian2 2-Speed Pumps - Up to 10980gph/5400gph
PerformancePro Artesian2 2-Speed Pumps - Up to 10980gph/5400gph
Dimensions for PerformancePro Artesian2 Two-Speed PumpsPump Curve for PerformancePro Artesian2 Two-Speed Pumps
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The Artesian2 2-speed pumps combine the premium performance of Artesian2 pumps with the flexibility of two flowrates, for a pump that is efficient to operate and reliable to use. Low NPSH requirements ensure proper operation even when pump is positioned slightly above water. The heavy duty housing is made of corrosion-resistant glass-reinforced polypropylene. The carefully designed internal water passages provide for high flow rates with minimal water noise. An easy-open Lexan lid provides easy viewing and access to the oversized strainer basket, which makes installation and service quick and easy. A switch makes it easy to switch between the two motor speeds.

The Artesian2 2-Speed pumps give you the advantages of the high quality, self-priming Artesian pumps with the flexibility of adjusting the flow.

  • Choose between low-speed and high-speed operation for flexible use and low power consumption
  • Long life, corrosion resistant, stainless steel shaft seals for reliable, continuous operation
  • External design protects your investment from potentially dangerous oil leaks and electrical hazards
  • 2" unions included
Model HP Type Voltage Watts or Amps Hz RPM Max. Head Max. Flow
A2-2SPD-3/4 3/4-1/12 1Ø ODP 115 11.6 Amps 60 3450 62' 6780gph @ 7'
115 210 Watts 60 1725 16' 3360gph @ 2'
A2-2SPD-1 1-1/6 1Ø ODP 230 7.2 Amps 60 3450 79' 8580gph @ 10'
230 300 Watts 60 1725 20' 4260gph @ 3'
A2-2SPD-1-1/2 1.5-1/4 1Ø ODP 230 10.0 Amps 60 3450 80' 9186gph @ 30'
230 413 Watts 60 1725 19' 4530gph @ 8'
A2-2SPD-2 2-1/3 1Ø ODP 230 10.4 Amps 60 3450 88' 10980gph @ 15'
230 380 Watts 60 1725 22' 5400gph @ 4'

Features Benefits
Three-Phase Motor Premium efficiency, totally enclosed fan cooled for maximum protection and reliability
Flexible Dial-A-Flow Variable Speed Design Select your performance and only pay for what you use
High Efficiency Pumps Low energy consumption