Atlantic Water Gardens FilterFalls Bog/Waterfall Filters - Classic Series
Atlantic Water Gardens FilterFalls Bog/Waterfall Filters - Classic Series
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The Atlantic Water Gardens FilterFalls bog/waterfall filters and aerates the water while creating the beauty of a waterfall or stream with the option of a gorgeously planted bog full of lush plant growth as well. The open swirl chamber design allows water to flow evenly through the filter pad and media.
  • Rugged polyethylene housing has a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with filter pad and media bag
  • Includes silicone, liner clips, liner flange and stainless steel screws

Model Spillway  Max Flow Chamber
Pond Size
BF1000 14" 2400gph 6 Gallons 1000
BF1250 15" 3500gph 10 Gallons 1700
19"W x 22.5"D
x 14"H
BF1500 19" 4000gph 20 Gallons 2000
24"W x 30"D
x 20"H

PGP Tip: The large capacity allows for additional media lava rock, ammo rock or pea gravel to be added. Practical Garden Ponds recommends pea gravel with live plants planted directly into the gravel. This beautifies your pond tremendously and will provide the best plant growth anywhere in your pond!
Warranty Lifetime (Housing)
Features Benefits
Includes Filter Pads and Media Bag Mechanical filtration and capability for biological filtration
Top and Bottom Grates Top grate supports camouflaging rocks, and bottom grate supports filter pads