Amish-Made 8-Sided Wooden Painted Lighthouses
Amish-Made 8-Sided Wooden Painted Lighthouses
Example of Lighthouse BaseExample of Interior Lighting in Tower and BaseColor SelectionExample: 2ft Lighthouse, Ivory body, Cardinal Red trimExample: 3ft Lighthouse, Cedar body, Dark Gray trimExample: 3ft Lighthouse, Powder Blue body, White trimExample: 3ft Lighthouse, Purple body, Yellow trim, Solar LED AccessoryExample: 4ft Lighthouse, Blue body, White trimExample: 4ft Lighthouse, Weatherwood body, Black trimExample: 5ft Lighthouse, Birchwood body, Brown trimExample: 5ft Lighthouse, Driftwood body, Turf Green trimExample: 5ft Lighthouse, Mahogany body, Aruba Blue trimExample: 6ft Lighthouse, Cherrywood body, Light Gray trimExample: 6ft Lighthouse, Patriot Blue body, White trim
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Handcrafted in Pennsylvania by an Amish craftsman, these two-tone painted lighthouses are a great complement to a garden plot or pond. Not only are they well-built and romantic lawn ornaments, but they are a functioning piece of yard lighting, as they include a 25 watt light bulb with power cord. With 12 colors to choose from, there are more than 140 color options you can choose! All lighthouses are custom built and painted after purchase and typically have a 2 to 3 week handling time.

Wood Lighthouses
Handcrafted from top quality signboard plywood and painted with exterior paint, built to endure all types of weather conditions.

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Shipping is included in the price. Replica Lighthouses are also available in custom colors. 
To inquire about shipping multiple lighthouses on a pallet, local pick-up in southeast PA, or custom color orders, please contact us: 

Lighthouses without Bases Lighthouse Bases Lighthouse AND Base
SIZE Outside Height OD at Base ID at Base ID at 2' High Inside Height ID at Top Height OD at Base Combined Height
2ft 21" 12.5" 8.5" N/A 12" 4.75" 4.5" 13" 25.5"
3ft 33" 15.5" 10.5" N/A 19" 5.875" 6" 18" 39"
4ft 45" 20.5" 15.375" 8.5" 29" 7.5" 8" 22" 53"
5ft 57" 22" 16.75" 11.25" 39" 7.625" 10" 24" 67"
6ft 69" 25" 20" 15.5" 48" 10.75" 12" 27" 81"
8ft 93" 34" 28" 23" 79" 13.5" 18" 36" 111"
12ft 141" 49" 40" 36" 109" 18.5" 24" 51" 165"

Because of the size of the 8ft and 12ft lighthouses, freight for those products is highly dependent upon shipping destination. To inquire about pricing or local pick-up in SE Pennsylvania, please contact us here: 

SIZE Price Before Shipping
8ft $449
8ft WITH BASE $599
12ft $799
12ft WITH BASE $999