Beckett® Submersible Pond Filters - BF700 and PF357 Filters
Beckett® Submersible Pond Filters - BF700 and PF357 Filters
BF700 - Submersible Filter KitPF357 - Biological/Mechanical FilterRFPCOMB - Replacement Pads for BF350, BF700, BF1100 and PF357 Filters
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Beckett® Submersible Pond Filters provide water filtration through included media and is recirculated back into the pond. The BF700 filter features a pump and fountainhead, while the PF357 filter features biological filtration in addition to mechanical.

BF700 Submersible Pond Filter Kit
The Beckett® BF700 pond filter kit is suited for ponds up to 700 gallons, and includes a G325 Versa Gold pump with 16' cord. Water filters through 3 media pads and is reintroduced to the pond through a 3-Tier Fountain Head. Kit includes diverter/flow control valve and two extension tubes.

PF357 Submersible Pond Filter
The Beckett® PF357 pond filter provides mechanical and biological filtration for up to 400 gallons. Mechanical filtration removes particles, while biological filtration encourages beneficial bacteria growth to naturally balance the pond and resolve water clarity issues. PF357 filter does not include pump.

RFPCOMB Filter Media Pads
Beckett® RFPCOMB filter pads fit BF350, BF700, BF1100 and PF357 filters.