Fish Mate® Gravity UV+Bio Pond Filters
Fish Mate® Gravity UV+Bio Pond Filters
500 G-UV Models500 G-UV Features1200 G-UV Models1200 G-UV FeaturesMaximum Pond Size (Detail)
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Fish Mate® UV+Bio Pond Filters provide UV clarification to destroy algae in addition to mechanical and biological filtration resulting in beautifully crystal clear, healthy water. All UV+Bio filters come complete with a clear water guarantee.

Gravity Models require installation at or above desired outlet level (e.g. at the top of a waterfall). Fish Mate® gravity filters are economically priced and feature UV tubes positioned over the water, thus eliminating issues of scaling, the need for a quartz sleeve and frost damage associated with conventional UV clarifiers.

Item # Filter Model UV
Flow Rate
Inlet Outlet Dimensions
226US 500 G-UV 8W 250gph 0.75", 1" 1.25" x 2 15" x 10" x 7"
337US 1200 G-UV 16W 500gph 0.75", 1" 1.5" x 2 15.75" x 10.5" x 7.375"

Maximum Pond Size
Item # Filter Model Full Shade
Low Fish Load
Partial/No Shade
Low Fish Load
Full Shade
High Fish Load
Partial/No Shade
High Fish Load
226US 500 G-UV 500 Gallons 800 Gallons 1200 Gallons 3000 Gallons
337US 1200 G-UV 250 Gallons 400 Gallons 600 Gallons 1500 Gallons
Ani Mate Fish Mate AniMate FishMate 226 336 337 315 226US 336US 337US 315US 500 800 1200 3000 GUV G-UV ANI226 ANI336 ANI337 ANI315
Power Cord 16 Feet
Warranty (Filter) 3 Years
Warranty (Bulb) 6 Months
Features Benefits
Both UV and Biological Filtration Combined filtration helps maintain crystal clear water
UV Tubes Positioned Over the Water Eliminates Scaling, Need for Quartz Sleeve, and Frost Damage
Green Color Easy to blend into natural surroundings
Flip-Up Lid Easy access and easy maintenance
Includes SUPRA+ Biological Media