Clear Pond BSL Formula - Liquid Beneficial Bacteria
Clear Pond BSL Formula - Liquid Beneficial Bacteria
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Clear Pond BSL Formula Liquid Beneficial Bacteria is a new, innovative bacteria formula developed to be beneficial to pond life and is 100% environmentally safe, non-pathogenic and non-toxic. Clear Pond BSL works in a wide pH range and in water temperatures below 55o F. Should be used in Spring along with Clear Pond Sludge Remover Formula to jump start your pond's biological system, and weekly to maintain a healthy pond throughout the summer season.

When used on a regular basis, Clear Pond's beneficial bacteria helps to promote a healthy balanced pond that will naturally reduce string algae, green water, bottom sludge and organic waste.

The Bacteria and enzymes in Clear Pond:

  • Consume sludge that usually builds up at the pond bottom
  • Improve dissolved oxygen content
  • Remove foul odors
  • Reduce ammonia and nitrogen levels
  • Consume dead algae
  • Work in a wide range of pH
  • Displace harmful bacteria that cause disease
Each ounce treats up to 1,000 gallons
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