CrystalClear® OneFix™ Natural Clarifier
CrystalClear® OneFix™ Natural Clarifier
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CrystalClear® OneFix™ utilizes natural bacteria to digest suspended dead organics to help keep the pond balanced and the water crystal clear. OneFix™ is specifically designed to start working the second it hits the water. Use once every two weeks when water temperatures are above 50°F.

- Clears Pond Water with Natural Bacteria
- Fast-Acting, Goes to Work Instantly
- Safe for All Aquatic Life

Routine Application Rate
Apply OneFix™ every two weeks. For initial treatment of a new pond, double the application to seed your pond filter quickly.

Persistent Problem Application Rate
If a problem arises between routine applications apply OneFix™ at the prescribed rate every 3 days until pond becomes clear.

For Best Results
Apply OneFix™ directly into filter if possible or apply directly to the pond in an area of the greatest circulation. Optimal Water Conditions: pH: 6.5-8.5, Dissolved Oxygen: 5 PPM.

Product Notices
Do not use other chemicals while treating with this product.
Item # Size Treats
CC021-8 8 oz 3,000 gallons / 375 gallons for 4 months
CC021-16 16 oz 6,000 gallons / 750 gallons for 4 months
CC021-32 32 oz 12,000 gallons / 1,500 gallons for 4 months
CC021-64 64 oz 24,000 gallons / 3,000 gallons for 4 months
CC021-1G 1 gallon 48,000 gallons / 6,000 gallons for 4 months