DuoTek Dual Technology Filters from GCTek
DuoTek Dual Technology Filters from GCTek
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DuoTek Dual Technology Filters from Grand Champion Technologies (GC Tek) combine effective biological and mechanical filtration into one powerhouse filter. 

Biological and Mechanical Filtration
This filter utilizes fluidized bed filtration to filter biological contaminants out of the pond -- without clogging or cleaning necessary. The filter also polishes the water by using either AlphaONE media or AquaBead BioGems.

How does this Filter Work?
Water enters the bottom of the filter where the AlphaBio2 media works as a biological medium, housing beneficial bacteria. This media is barely heavier than water, so it is easily fluidized by an 1/4 HP pump. Water flows through the media where it is spun and lifted at the same time, allowing effective biological filtration to occur. From there the water continues its path upward, where even the finest particles are removed by the filter media. Water then exits the filter.

Model Total Media Floating Media Sinking Media Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate Fish Load Dimensions
DuoTek F7 7 cu. ft. 4 cu. ft. 3 cu. ft. 18,000 gallons 7200gph 350lb 24" x 75"
DuoTek F11 11 cu. ft. 6 cu. ft. 5 cu. ft. 27,000 gallons 10800gph 550lb 30" x 78"
GC Tek GcTek Duo DuoTek F7 F11

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