GCTek Dynamo® 2-Speed Pumps by Pentair
GCTek Dynamo® 2-Speed Pumps by Pentair
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Dynamo® Pumps excellence in hydraulic engineering provide that elusive combination of high efficiency, quiet operation, and longevity. These two-speed pumps carry different advantages to each of their two speeds. Switch between high and low speeds with the flick of a switch!

  • Run on low speed for energy efficient operation
  • Run on high speed when you need to backwash some filters (not AquaBead or AlphaONE filters, these backwash easily on low speed) or when you want to really make your waterfall roar, exercise your koi or add extra oxygen to the pond.
Item # Model Voltage Flow Rate Full Load
HP Weight
340203 DYNII-N2 3/4 HP 115V 2400/5000gph 2.6/8.8 3/4 33
340204 DYNII-N2 1 HP 115V 3000/6000gph 2.9/11 1 37
340206 DYNII-N2 1-1/2 HP 115V 3500/7000gph 4.4/15 1-1/2 42
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Inlet / Outlet Size 1.5"
Warranty 1 Year
Features Benefits
Large Capacity Basket with See-Through Lid Easy to see if pump is clogged
Reinforced Fiberglass Strength and durability
Unique Diffuser and Impeller Excellent flow rates
Self-Priming Design Ensures long life