ProEco Path Lighting - Landscape Lighting for walks and pathways
ProEco Path Lighting - Landscape Lighting for walks and pathways
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ECO-007, ECO-008, ECO-009, ECO-010, ECO-011, CO-012, ECO-116, ECO-117, and ECO-018 Path Lights

Product Specifications

  • Max wattage 20 watts
  • Bulb Style - G4 (not included)
  • 12 Volt AC
  • 3 ft power cable
  • Lifetime Warranty on fixture
  • 3 Year Warranty on electrical components

Available Models

ECO-007-BBR   Cast Brass - Brass

ECO-007-BR     Aluminum - Brown

ECO-007-BK     Aluminum - Black 

ECO-008-BBR   Cast Brass - Brass

ECO-008-BR     Aluminum - Brown

ECO-009-BBR   Cast Brass - Brass

ECO-009-BR     Aluminum - Brown

ECO-009-BK     Aluminum - Black 

ECO-010-BBR   Cast Brass - Brass

ECO-010-BR     Aluminum - Brown

ECO-011-BR     Aluminum - Brown

ECO-012-BBR     Cast Brass - Brass

ECO-012-ABR   Cast Brass - Bronze

ECO-016-BBR   Cast Brass - Brass

ECO-016-ABR   Cast Brass - Bronze

ECO-017-BBR   Cast Brass - Brass

ECO-017-BR     Aluminum - Brown

ECO-017-BK     Aluminum - Black 

ECO-018-BBR   Cast Brass - Brass

ECO-018-BR     Aluminum - Brown

NOTE:  We do not currently stock this item in house.  These will drop ship from the manufacturer in Canada and unless we are asked to ship them by expedited method (three day shipping is available on most orders by request), the shipping time will be about ten days.  

Accessories for these lights are in stock and regularly available:  Link for extenstion cords and Photo Sensors Etc.     Link for Transformers