Evolution Aqua EazyPod™ Filter Systems
Evolution Aqua EazyPod™ Filter Systems
EazyPod™EazyPod™ Complete (with 18 Watt UV Clarifier)FeaturesInternal View
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The EazyPod™ filtration systems are compact filters specifically designed to be easy to use, easy to clean. Combining mechanical and biological filtration in a small footprint, the EazyPod™ uses K1 Media to provide biological filtration and using the EazyPod™ as a mechanical waste filter. This filter is very easy to install and operate, quick and easy to clean, and works equally well whether pump-fed or gravity-fed.

How the EazyPod™ Works
Water from the pond enters the EazyPod™ via the inlet, flows around the 18 Watt UV Clarifier (only in the EazyPod™ Complete), then flows around the circumference of the outer chamber, passing through the stainless steel grill causing many larger solids to be filtered out and settle in the base of the outer chamber. As water enters the central chamber, finer solids become trapped in the mass of K1 Media. Bio-films build up on the protected surface of K1 Media, allowing biological filtration to take place. After passing through the K1 MEdia, clean water rises and overflows into the inner return pipe and flows back into the pond via the outlet.

The EazyPod™ is simple to clean by attaching an air pump to the supplied inlet, agitating the K1 Media to free up debris and waste that has built up within the filter.

EazyPod™ EazyPod™ Complete
Max Pond Size (Ornamental Fish) 2640 Gallons 5333 Gallons
Max Pond Size (Koi) 2640 Gallons 2640 Gallons
Maximum Flow Rate 2640gph 2640gph
Maximum Feed Rate 100g-125g per day 100g-125g per day
Amount of K1 Media 30L (8 Gallons) 30L (8 Gallons)
UV Clarifier Size - 18 Watts
Water Volume in Filter 80L (21 Gallons) 80L (21 Gallons)

Maximum Feed Rate 100g-125g per day
Water Volume in Filter 21 Gallons
Maximum Flow Rate 2640gph
Features Benefits
Multiple Chambers Inner chamber filters mechanically while outer chamber filters biologically
Can Accomodate Air Pump or UV Clarifier Provides enhanced cleaning and filtration
Separate Waste Outlets Easy cleaning