ProEco Floating Skimmer
ProEco Floating Skimmer
Skimmer in Use
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A Skimmer is an important part of any pond system. By drawing water from the surface of the pond, a skimmer will pull in any floating debris that has fallen into the pond and collect it in an easy-to-clean basket. Removing the debris while it is still floating prevents it from becoming water-logged and sinking to the bottom of the pond and decomposing. ProEco offers several different skimmers which are designed to fit any pond application. The Floating Skimmer is an easy-to-maintain floating skimmer with included skimmer basket, and it also functions as an aerator.

Max Flow Rate 660 GPH
Skimming Area 160 sq. ft.
Minimum Pond Depth 12"
Power Usage 45 Watts
Power Cord Length 30 Feet
Dimensions 12" x 11"
Warranty 2 Years
Features Benefits
Captures Floating Pond Debris Prevents sinking of debris that leads to decomposition
Easy to Maintain
Also Functions as an Aerator