Firestone Lap Sealant HS - 11oz Tube
Firestone Lap Sealant HS - 11oz Tube
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Firestone Lap Sealant HS is a low volatile organic compound (LVOC) sealant designed to be used with Firestone Splice Adhesive SA-1065 for seam edge treatment applications and as a sealant in other applications as indicated by current Firestone specifications and details.

For application instructions, storage details and safety information, see the attached Technical Information Sheet below.

Coverage Rate
Each 11oz cartridge can cover 20' to 22' with a 3/8"-1/4" bead.
W563587031 W56-358-7031
Coverage Rate 20-22' of 3/8-1/4" bead
Storage Temperature 60-80 Degrees Fahrenheit
Shelf Life 1 Year