Firestone QuickSeam™  Cover Strip (Single-Sided Seam Tape)
Firestone QuickSeam™  Cover Strip (Single-Sided Seam Tape)
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The Firestone QuickSeam™ Batten Cover Strip is a 6" wide semi-cured EPDM strip laminated to a QuickSeam™ tape. Unlike the 3" tape (which is double-sided to go between two overlapping layers of liner), this self-adhesive cover tape overlaps the seam. The area to be sealed must be clean and dry. QuickPrime™ or other splice adhesives will improve seal.

Small pieces of QuickSeam™ Batten Cover Strip also work well to patch holes and make a seal between a waterfall filter and the liner.

Application instructions, storage details and other details can be seen in the Technical Information Sheet below.
W56RAC1693 W56RAC1616