Firestone EPDM Repair Kit
Firestone EPDM Repair Kit
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If your pond liner has a minor tear, fix it quickly and easily using the Firestone EPDM Liner Repair Kit. This kit contains all you need to quickly and easily repair minor damages to your liner.

  • (2) 6" x 6" Patches
  • (1) QuickPrime Adhesive
  • (1) Scrubber Pad
  • (1) Roller
  • (1) Pair of Disposable Gloves

Clean and dry the surface to be repaired. Buff with the scrubber pad. It must be very dry to apply the patch. First apply the QuickPrime onto the damaged area, being sure to wear the protective gloves. Wait until the QuickPrime becomes tacky, pull the backing from the patch, cover the damaged area, and use the roller to flatten the patch. Ensure that the repaired area is completely dry before refilling your pond with water.