Fish Mate® Gravity Bio Pond Filters - NO UV CLARIFIER
Fish Mate® Gravity Bio Pond Filters - NO UV CLARIFIER
Maximum Pond Size for Fish Mate 1000 G-BIO Gravity Bio Pond Filter
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Fish Mate® Bio Pond Filters provide mechanical and biological filtration resulting in beautifully, healthy water. All Bio Pond Filters are easy to maintain and include SUPRA+ biological media. The Gravity Model requires installation at or above desired outlet level (e.g. at the top of a waterfall). Fish Mate® gravity filters are economically priced.
  • Powerful 3-stage mechanical and biological filtration
  • Green color makes it easy to hide in landscape
  • Easy filter maintenance
  • Includes SUPRA+ media
Item # UPC Code Filter Model Maximum
Flow Rate
Inlet Outlet Dimensions
228 035368002281 1000 G-BIO 500gph 0.75", 1" 1.25" x 2 15" x 10" x 5"

Maximum Pond Size
Item # Filter Model Full Shade
Low Fish Load
Partial/No Shade
Low Fish Load
Full Shade
High Fish Load
Partial/No Shade
High Fish Load
228 1000 G-BIO 1000 Gallons 500 Gallons 500 Gallons 250 Gallons

Dimensions 15" x 10" x 5"
Inlet Size 0.75", 1"
Outlet Size 1.25" x 2
Power Cord 16 Feet
Warranty 3 Years
Features Benefits
Both Mechanical and Biological Filtration Combined filtration helps maintain crystal clear water
Green Color Easy to blend into natural surroundings
Flip-Up Lid Easy access and easy maintenance
Includes SUPRA+ Biological Media