Fish Mate® SUPRA+ Biological Media
Fish Mate® SUPRA+ Biological Media
Closeup of Fish Mate® SUPRA+ Biological Filter Media (#349)
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Fish Mate® SUPRA+ has a huge biologically active surface area allowing for super efficient reduction of lethal nitrite and ammonia in pond and aquarium water. This high surface area is vitally important for cultivating the massive populations of beneficial bacteria that are required by modern compact filtration systems.
  • Improves water quality for a healthier aquatic system
  • Suitable for all pond and aquarium filter systems
  • Each pack contains 2600 square feet of biological surface
  • Replaces original SUPRA medium used in older Fish Mate® filters
Application Amount Used
Freshwater Aquarium 1 Package per 40 Gallons
Saltwater Aquarium 1 Package per 20 Gallons

Biological Surface 2600 Square Feet
Size 18oz