Matala Geyser Max-Flow Submersible Water Pumps
Matala Geyser Max-Flow Submersible Water Pumps
Flow Chart
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Matala Geyser Max-Flow Pumps are excellent, vertically-oriented submersible water pumps specially designed with a composite resin base for high performance and low amps. Submersible pumps can be placed directly into the pond, requiring little installation. They are free of distracting noise, and they can even be hidden inside pond skimmers. 

Additional Features:
  • High performance with low amperage
  • Composite resin base and corrosion-resistant body
  • 19' power cord
  • 2 Year Warranty

Model # Description Max
HP Amp Outlet
(In Inches)
GM-3200 Geyser Max-Flow 3200 3200gph 15.7' 1/5 2.5 1.5" 9.4x6.5x14 15.4lb
GM-3900 Geyser Max-Flow 3900 3900gph 22.5' 1/4 3.3 1.5" 9.4x6.5x14 15.4lb
GM-4700 Geyser Max-Flow 4700 4700gph 27.5' 1/3 4.0 2" 9.4x6.5x14 15.4lb
GM-5400 Geyser Max-Flow 5400 5400gph 32.8' 1/2 5.2 2" 9.4x6.5x14.8 17.6lb
GM-6200 Geyser Max-Flow 6200 6200gph 41' 3/4 7.3 2" 9.4x6.5x15.4 19.8lb
GM3200, GM3900, GM4700, GM5400, GM6200