Replacement Parts for Matala Hakko Air Pumps
Replacement Parts for Matala Hakko Air Pumps
Parts Diagram for HK-40L/60L/80LParts Diagram for HK-100L/120LInlet Air Filter for HK-25LFilter PadsCover GasketOuter L-Tube & ClampSafety Switch
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The parts listed below are specifically for the Matala Hakko Air Pumps.
  • Air Inlet Filter - Optional air filter for HK-25L can be inserted into the air suction port on the air pump. Necessary for outdoor use.
  • Air Filter Pads - Located at the top of the air pump. Can be washed clean with freshwater many times before needing replacement.
  • Cover Gasket, Lower - Located inside bottom cover.
  • Cover Gasket, Upper - Located underneath top cover. Helps keep moisture away from top air filter pad.
  • Outer L-Tube & Clamp - Used to connect pump outlet to air manifolds
  • Power Cord - Replacement power cords for air pumps.
  • Safety Switch - Shuts pump off when diaphragms fail. This eliminates excessive vibration and motor wear.
  • Sound Absorber - Foam cover insulates sound coming from motor.
  • Vibration Mount Set - Acts as shock absorbed to reduce motor vibration.