Helix Bio-Mechanical Waterfall Filters - Total Pond Filtration
Helix Bio-Mechanical Waterfall Filters - Total Pond Filtration
Small Bio-Mechanical Filter - FrontSmall Bio-Mechanical Filter - BackLarge Bio-Mechanical Filter - FrontLarge Bio-Mechanical Filter - TopLarge Bio-Mechanical Filter - Back
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The Helix Bio-Mechanical Waterfall Filter is a great filter that uses lava rock and a large biological chamber for biological filtration, nitrate reduction and water polishing. The important distinction of this filter is the air-assisted cleaning feature that makes it possible to flush out the filter through high and low bottom drains. The high bottom drain removes surface scum, while the low bottom drain removes heavy solids. For use with liner, polyurea and concrete ponds. Compare this conventional filter to the exciting new Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor!

FEATURES of the Bio-Mechanical Waterfall Filters:

  • Heavy-duty rotational molded HDPE construction is easy to hide in your existing landscape
  • Stainless steel hardware and high quality plumbing parts extend the filter life
  • Clean your filter using pond water -- without disassembling the filter OR getting dirty!
  • Includes air manifold for air-assisted cleaning
  • Includes 2" Bulkhead (Not pre-drilled, so that you can chose right or left side)
  • Does not require a lid, so can be covered by a large stone or faux rock
  • Made in America

Size Dimensions Max 
Weir Opening Compatible Faux Stone
(Atlantic Water Gardens)
Small 18" x 18" x 35" 6000gph 15" RL30
Large 32" x 32" x 32" 6000gph 24" RL70
Bio Mechanical Bio-Mechanical Biomechanical
Bulkhead 2"
Included Adapter 2" PVC Male Pipe Adapter
Features Benefits
Heavy Duty Roto Molded Body Durable, rugged construction that can be buried and hidden in the landscape
Stainless Steel Hardware and High Quality Plumbing Parts High quality components give filter a long life