Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor - Premium Complete Pond Filtration
Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor - Premium Complete Pond Filtration
Small Helix Bio-Mechanical ReactorHook-Ups for Small Helix Bio-Mechanical ReactorLarge Helix Bio-Mechanical ReactorHook-Ups for Large Helix Bio-Mechanical ReactorInside the Helix Bio-Mechanical ReactorClose-Up of the K3 Media for the Helix Bio-Mechanical ReactorLarge Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor at Work
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The Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor is like no other standalone filter you have ever seen! It is revolutionary in its combined types of filtration for incredible effectiveness. This filter addresses biological filtration and mechanical filtration, which can handle all aspects of pond filtration -- even in ponds with very high fish populations. This filter uses back-flushable lava rock or similar media (not included) on the bottom half of the filter for significant mechanical filtration; it uses dynamically-aerated, highly-porous biological media in the top half of the filter for highly effective biological filtration. The mechanical portion is backwashed while adding air agitation from a standard wet/dry vacuum exhaust hose. The biological half of the filter is maintenance free, allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive in dense populations for effective breakdown of ammonia, nitrate, and nitrites FAST! Together these two half provide the best of both worlds - biological and mechanical filtration in a meaningful capacity.

FEATURES of the Bio-Mechanical Reactor:

  • Self-cleaning backflush feature for mechanical filter media
  • Biological media can convert the digested waste for 3lb of fish food each day!
  • Use with an air pump (Not included) for increased dissolved oxygen levels
  • Heavy-duty rotomolded HDPE construction is easy to hide in the landscape
  • Stainless steel hardware and high quality plumbing parts extend the filter life
  • Includes 5" radial air diffuser, 2" inlet bulkhead, and 2" suction strainer at inlet
  • Includes (2) check valves and separator screen for optimum flow
  • Includes 3/4" outlet bulkhead and (2) knife valves to open drains for cleaning
  • Made in America

Size Dimensions Maximum
Flow Rate
Pond Size
Helix Biological
Media (Included)
Mechanical Media
(Not Included)
Faux Stone
Aeration Kit
18" x 18"
x 35"
4000gph 1000-2000 gallons 15 Liters 35 pounds of
3/4" lava rock
or similar
Atlantic Water
Gardens RL30
Blue Diamond ET30
10' of 3/4" Braided Tubing
Necessary adapter
32" x 32"
x 32"
4500gph 3000-4000 gallons 50 Liters 100 pounds of
3/4" lava rock
or similar
Atlantic Water 
Gardens RL70
Blue Diamond ET40
10' of 3/4" Braided Tubing
Necessary adapter

NOTE: Compare the Helix Bio-Mechanical Reactor to the Moving Bed Waterfall Filter. They are related filters with one significant difference: the Moving Bed is 100% biological, with no particle or mechanical filtration at all. It is also virtually maintenance-free, but it is not a stand-alone filter. Every pond needs some form of filtration that traps or removes particulates. That is where the Bio-Mechanical Reactor takes over. In addition to significant aeration-assisted biological filtration, it has mechanical filtration (and therefore requires flushing out trapped particulates).

For best results, use the Bio-Mechanical Reactor wherever total filtration is needed. This filter, coupled with a skimmer, will provide everything you need for high-quality pond filtration with reasonable regular maintenance that is easily accessible outside the pond. For ponds that already have a bog, bead filter, undergravel filter grid or other mechanical filtration, the Moving Bed Waterfall Filter adds amazing biological capability without adding anything to your maintenance routine.

Features Benefits
Heavy Duty Roto Molded Body Durable, rugged construction that can be buried and hidden in the landscape
Stainless Steel Hardware and Quality Plumbing Parts High quality components give filter a long life
Backflush Cleaning Feature Mechanical media is cleaned via remote assembly controlled by knife valve
Effective, Aerated Biological Filtration Impressive nitrate reduction and significantly increased dissolved oxygen