Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® AccuProbe™ Mini Hydrometer
Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® AccuProbe™ Mini Hydrometer
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The Hikari® Aquarium Solutions® AccuProbe™ Mini Hydrometer measures a limited range of specific gravity and is intended for marine aquarium use.
  • Ideally suited for nano tanks, smaller setups or sumps of larger systems
  • Accurate to 0.001 specific gravity
  • Designed to give a temperature-corrected reading in warm water aquariums
  • Durable construction for extended life
Use Instructions
Before using for the first time, fill the hydrometer with saltwater from your aquarium and allow it to sit on a level surface for 24 hours to season the measurement needle. This rehydrates the calibration disc to its original specs and will provide the most accurate readings going forward.
  1. Submerge hydrometer into the aquarium water slowly.
  2. When water reaches fill line, remove hydrometer and place on level surface for accurate reading.
  3. Avoid air bubble adherence by gently tapping hydrometer to dislodge air bubbles.
  4. Read specific gravity from scale.
  5. Rinse with fresh water after each use to maintain optimum accuracy.
Cleaning Instructions
Salt deposits may accumulate on pointer and will result in inaccurate readings. If salt crystallizes inside your unit, soak in lukewarm water or vinegar for 30 mintes, rinse with fresh water and air dry.